Top 9 Teeth Whitening Myths Busted and Common Questions Answered

Myth 1 – teeth whitening training

Not typically genuine! Professional Teeth Whitening product suppliers commonly use Hydrogen Peroxide or Carbamide Peroxide as the energetic components of their teeth whitener gels. The chemical Hydrogen Peroxide (HO) is a bleaching agent which converts into water (HO) and releases an Oxygen molecule (O) in the method of the chemical reaction. Both Water and Oxygen are not unusual, safe additives of our regular lives.

The Oxygen particles penetrate the rough surface of your teeth (despite the fact that they appear smooth, they’re microscopically difficult, rod like crystal structures) and dislodge staining debris. I want to explain this by way of imagining the TV advertisements which show how a clothes washing powder with oxygen lifts stains from your apparel.

The “bleach” Hydrogen Peroxide isn’t always similar to family bleach containing ammonia, or other low-cease, acid based totally enamel whitening products, and can be swallowed, inside limits. In truth our very own our bodies produce Hydrogen Peroxide obviously!

Acidic products can eliminate enamel out of your teeth. Look for teeth whitening merchandise using Hydrogen Peroxide which is pH balanced, meaning they don’t have any, or low acidity degrees. Putting acidity into perspective, you must be aware that regular Orange Juice is shown in lab research to melt (and probably erode) enamel enamel with the aid of generally extra than a expert hydrogen peroxide based totally enamel whitening gel may want to, if used correctly.

Myth 2 – Teeth Whitening is not Safe

Not real! Cosmetic Teeth Bleaching with Hydrogen Peroxide has been in use for one hundred years. Most diagnosed dental bodies international suggest enamel bleaching as a generally safe exercise, when easy protection steps are accompanied. Any expert provider of tooth whitening products will encompass good enough commands for the safe use in their product.

Safety vs Risk with enamel whitening is generally centred on 2 important troubles: Exposure of the gel to the gums and gentle tissue of the mouth or lips, and enamel sensitivity. Both can be minimized by the use of expert products and minimizing the amount of time the bleaching gel is exposed to the gums or teeth.

As with any cosmetic manner, there are ability risks. Thankfully with expert enamel whitening any side effects skilled are transient and are not everlasting. As with maximum beauty techniques, you could ought to undergo a few soreness to appearance higher. Sometimes I name this “Vain Pain”.

Myth 3 – All whitening Gel is the equal

Not authentic! Of the two principal professional gel options, there is Carbamide Peroxide and Hydrogen Peroxide. Both produce the identical active element Hydrogen Peroxide, however Carbamide Peroxide acts SLOWER on the enamel and is usually recommended for use simplest with an Accelerator Light (I will communicate approximately that later) or for in a single day use. Carbamide Peroxide concentrations contains kind of 1/three of the active ingredient, Hydrogen Peroxide. As an instance, 35% Carbamide Peroxide is kind of identical to twelve% Hydrogen Peroxide.

Because Hydrogen Peroxide is an risky chemical which reacts immediately, it is greater highly-priced to provide. Many carriers offer only Carbamide Peroxide primarily based merchandise as a result. Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide, while the maximum hard and highly-priced to provide, reacts right away on touch with the teeth and is best suitable for short duration teeth whitening treatments with out an accelerator mild.

Myth four – Teeth Whitening Accelerator Lights don’t paintings

Not typically actual! Except in some instances. There are agencies who sell best take home tooth whitening kits, and a few Dentists, who say that the LED Lights and different accelerator lighting fixtures are only a gimmick and don’t work.

There had been many studies performed which show that using a professional accelerator light does indeed accelerate the oxidization (the release of oxygen and chemical bleaching response) of tooth whitener gel. This is specially actual with Carbamide Peroxide based totally whitening gels which react a good deal slower chemically.

Ask your self, how many Dentists and Cosmetic Dentistry companies offer an “in-office”, “chairside”, “on the spot whitening” or “Power Whitening” remedy? Many of them! Now why would they provide this remedy if the accelerator lighting fixtures did now not paintings? From my personal professional revel in, there may be absolute confidence that the expert quality Blue LED Accelerator lighting allow a quicker tooth whitening result when using Carbamide Peroxide gel. In our own studies and observations having worked with hundreds of clients and in comparison the results with the equal gel, over the equal time period, with and without the LED Accelerator Lamp, we’re certain there may be a sizeable development with the light beneath these situations.

But, not all Accelerator Lights are the identical. Some Dentists use older technology lamps together with Plasma, UV and other technology. These technology characteristic at a mild spectrum which is known to purpose heating or burning of the pores and skin tissue and heating of the tooth surface to launch the oxygen within the gel, alas that can also suggest UV harm for your mouth, gums and lips. There also are mini hand held LED Lights you often see in TV Commercials – those are most effective toys and do not have enough electricity to have any effect.

Another case of where an accelerator mild would not paintings nicely is that if the company uses a mouth tray to preserve the gel in opposition to the tooth, and this tray is colored, is a “Silicone Impression” tray, or is a Pre-Filled Foam tray. These forms of mouthguard trays do no longer allow the light frequency to pass via them and there are no increased bleaching results as a result.

Modern, professional tooth whitening accelerator lamps all use LED mild inside the blue mild spectrum, at a selected frequency which excites the oxygen release from the chemical, and accelerates the teeth whitening method. They are frequently called “Cool LED” or “bloodless” mild accelerators due to the fact they do no longer warmth the tooth or surrounding tissue. As a end result, they may be flawlessly secure, and the era is FDA Apparoved.

Myth 5 – You need to visit a Dentist to get professional whitening consequences

Not authentic! Today, you could buy in Australia, expert power enamel whitening products which you can use at domestic or as a provider with a expert accelerator light and help – and not just from the Dentist.

Dentists are completely allowed to use the VERY STRONG bleaching gels, over sixteen% Hydrogen Peroxide, and as much as 35% Hydrogen Peroxide. At these strengths of whitening gel, the real risks are enamel sensitivity and gum trauma. Dentists consequently use a special gum barrier which they practice for your gums previous to applying the sturdy gels. A Dentist will normally get a better whitening result in the same amount of time as a non-dental treatment, however there are fees to bear in mind, each financially and in increased teeth sensitivity when the usage of the more potent Dentist-only remedies.

For a few years the Dentist’s had the beauty teeth whitening marketplace monopolized due to the fact expert enamel whitening technology become too high-priced for every person else. Today, the charge and availability of expert teeth whitening merchandise method you have many greater alternatives and options.

Myth 6 – Teeth Bleaching Gels from everywhere aside from USA, Australia or UK are unsafe

Not genuine! First of all, in this modern global, you may not even are aware of it but products acting to be synthetic via a good American or Australian brand are maximum in all likelihood definitely synthetic in China. This is real with all sorts of products and generation global, due to simple economics.

There are many brands of enamel whitening products to be had in the market. You don’t want to be concerned in which they have been manufactured, because it makes NO DIFFERENCE. The active chemical, Hydrogen Peroxide is the equal internationally. Because Hydrogen Peroxide is likewise used as a disinfectant, bacteria can’t stay in this chemical and it will usually be safe (ie; germ and micro organism free) to position Hydrogen Peroxide primarily based gel into your mouth no matter in which it came from or how it became synthetic.

If the Hydrogen Peroxide gel is beyond its use by date or chemically expired, you may know proper away, because the gel turns a milky white coloration which suggests that it is already oxidized and will now not be effective at whitening your tooth, it might not motive any damage.

Myth 7 – You need custom designed Mouthguard trays to get high-quality whitening outcomes

Not actual! While Dentists offer custom mouth trays which costs a whole lot of money, there are also many domestic whitening kits offering the boil-n-chunk thermoshrinking mouthguards in order to paintings similarly as well. The completely custom trays can be a bit extra at ease to wear, however they need to be, because in standard, a Dentist’s at-domestic tooth whitening kits require you to have the tray to your mouth for lengthy intervals of time, over weeks of use. There are non-dentist merchandise which simplest require brief time duration utilization, so it would not rely as a good deal if the mouthguard is much less comfortable.

The other trouble with mouthguards which are too form-geared up is that the space between the teeth and the surface of the mouthguard is so small, that simplest the thinnest layer of whitening gel can healthy between. The trouble with this is much less chemical = less whitening result, so you want to apply the mouthguard and gel greater regularly, over longer periods of time to get a great end result.

Myth eight – All tooth are the identical and whitening outcomes have to be like the “Hollywood” smile

Unfortunately, a few humans have unrealistic expectancies and can be disenchanted with their tooth whitening outcomes. This is not due to the fact expert teeth whitening products do not paintings, because they ALWAYS WORK to a few diploma. It’s due to the fact they fail to keep in mind that each person’s teeth are particular in mineral composition, this means that that tooth bleaching will produce a one of a kind result for every person. If your enamel are genetically more yellow than a person else, your consequences will now not be as white, regardless of who is product you use, how in many instances you try to whiten your teeth, or what the power of the gel is. And some humans have deep staining from antibiotics, tetracycline and so on. Which cannot be without difficulty eliminated and may never be fully eliminated. Also, there are human beings with genetically gray or blue tinted tooth for which Hydrogen Peroxide bleaching does now not work in addition to yellow or brown color tints.

People see the Hollywood Stars on TV and in Movies and agree with they are able to get their enamel bleached to appear to be the movie stars. Unfortunately, that is not feasible. Chemical Teeth Whitening has its limits of effectiveness and will not produce the pure white shade (for the majority) you notice on Movie Stars. Does that mean that film stars are simply genetically lucky? No, it approach that movie stars have frequently paid many hundreds of dollars for Porcelain Veneers to straighten their teeth and lead them to natural white. Of course you’ve got this feature too, when you have the money, however a teeth whitening with Hydrogen Peroxide commonly makes a substantive difference in whiteness and brightness of herbal enamel, at a much lower value than Veneers.

Myth nine – If I even have Caps, Crowns, Veneers or Dentures so I can not whiten my tooth

Not true! While Hydrogen Peroxide most effective whitens herbal tooth, it additionally cleans all surfaces, along with man-made surfaces of caps, crowns, veneers and dentures. Some dentists say that hydrogen peroxide can weaken the bond of a number of these synthetic materials, or assault the metal components, but you need to take a look at with your Dentist about your unique case earlier than whitening your natural tooth if you are concerned.

It is constantly higher to whiten your natural teeth FIRST if you are going to be getting any caps, crowns and so on. Geared up. This is because the dentist can then fit the color of the artificial substance on your now whiter, natural tooth, giving an normal whiter smile.

Common Questions and Answers about Teeth Whitening:

Does Whitening Toothpaste paintings?

The hassle here is that there is not a sturdy enough awareness of any chemical, and it isn’t always concentrated on your tooth lengthy sufficient to make ANY substantive difference to the whiteness of your teeth. The simplest actual “whiteness” if you could call it that, that’s created through toothpaste is clearly the abrasive movement of the toothbrush or paste in opposition to your tooth teeth. This scratching DOES wear down teeth teeth and additionally eliminates big chunks of staining material on the tooth floor, however not the tiny staining particles which make enamel look more yellow. This is the same element with “Tooth Polishes” which simplest act like a high-quality sandpaper to eliminate enamel enamel even as brushing and will reason increased enamel sensitivity with extended use enamel enamel thins.

As with the Risk vs Reward argument, while there may be massive damage precipitated to teeth tooth from tooth brushing over the years, on balance that is higher than the results of not cleansing your tooth.

Don’t be fooled via the ones luxurious “whitening toothpastes” – they do now not make a substantive distinction to the whiteness of your tooth, they may be abrasively eliminating teeth from your enamel and you’re higher off spending your cash on some thing that does work.

Who is suitable for Teeth Whitening?

The generally encouraged rules to outline individuals who are appropriate for tooth whitening are:

Over 16 years of age (due to potential development of the enamel previous to this age, parental consent can be required)

Not Pregnant or Lactating (this is an additional protection measure to protect babies, despite the fact that you would not typically be able to swallow enough Hydrogen Peroxide from a everyday teeth whitening remedy to damage your infant)

No known allergic reactions to Hydrogen Peroxide. If you have got ever advanced skin irritation when bleaching your hair with Hydrogen Peroxide, you will be allergic. But in case you do not know you’re allergic, it turns into obvious inside the first few minutes of a teeth whitening remedy, and you could virtually prevent the treatment. Any aspect consequences, irrespective of how discomforting will disappear in some days without a permanent damage.
Aside from those conditions, tooth whitening is not really helpful for people with Dental Braces, humans with gum ailment, open cavities, leaking fillings, latest oral surgical procedure, or different dental situations. If in doubt, I recommend you go to your Dentist previous to using a expert power enamel whitening product.

People with gray or blue tint color to their herbal teeth may additionally now not benefit as significantly from tooth whitening the usage of Hydrogen Peroxide, as human beings with yellow or brown tint colour.

If you have Gingivitis or Periodontal sickness, any Hydrogen Peroxide bleach to your gum line might be painful and can produce a small quantity of bleeding at the gum line. As a end result, I do not endorse whitening your teeth until these problems are under manage together with your Dentist. What is exciting but, is that reports have proven that Hydrogen Peroxide can kill the micro organism which reasons Gingivitis, probable stopping in addition damage.

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